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Henrico Education Foundation




Our Mission
The Henrico Education Foundation strengthens public education by advancing innovative programs and initiatives designed to improve student achievement.

Our Vision
All schools are strong.  All students are prepared

HEF’s three Priorities

  • Serving as a catalyst for innovation in Henrico County Public Schools
  • Preparing students K-12 for success in college, career and community
  • Strengthening educational leadership

Our Approach
Over the past two decades, HEF has played a vital role in meeting the educational needs of our community’s children.  As a foundation, we do more than just provide additional funding for public education, we are innovators working in partnership with parents, teachers and administrators, continually identifying and developing initiatives that improve school performance and student achievement.  Our program and funding priorities focus on implementing research-based initiatives that enhance learning in the classroom, create best practices and complement The Henrico County Public Schools’ (HCPS) improvement plans.  We support all schools in Henrico County, working to provide every student with the support and resources they need for success.

Organizational Values
HEF will achieve its mission by directing resources to research-based initiatives and system improvements that enhance learning, complement school improvement plans and are in the best interest of students. Our funding priorities provide substantive opportunities to improve academic and co-curricular excellence for all. HEF strives to ensure that every student in our county succeeds in learning and life.   

HEF believes:

  • Education is the cornerstone for opportunity
  • Every child deserves the best education possible  
  • Educational opportunities should be accessible to all students regardless of their circumstances.            
  • Commitment to best practices, innovation and professional development is essential to providing an excellent education
  • Excellence is attainable

At a Glance
The Henrico Education Foundation (HEF) is a non-profit foundation that provides grants and resources to Henrico County Public School students and teachers to fill the gap between taxpayer funding and what is required to produce innovation and achievement in our schools and communities.

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